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What is PTSD

Why do I have PTSD and will I ever get better?

As a trauma therapist I get the question quite often. My answer is a resounding YES.

With treatment trauma survivors can feel safe in the world and live happy and productive lives. Effective treatments for PTSD include different types of trauma focused psychotherapies (talk therapy) and/or medication. Trauma-focused psychotherapies are the most highly recommended type of treatment for PTSD. "Trauma-focused" means that the treatment focuses on the memory of the traumatic event or its meaning.

These treatments use different techniques to help you process your traumatic experience. Some involve visualizing, talking, or thinking about the traumatic memory. Others focus on changing unhelpful beliefs about the trauma.

According to years of research by the Veteran’s Administration, the most effective types of psychotherapies are:

~Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) helps you process and make sense of your trauma. It involves calling the trauma to mind while paying attention to a back-and-forth movement or sound (like a finger waving side to side, a light, or a tone).

~Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) teaches you to reframe negative thoughts about the trauma. It involves talking with your provider about your negative thoughts and doing short writing assignments.

~Prolonged Exposure (PE) teaches you how to gain control by facing your negative feelings. It involves talking about your trauma with a provider and doing some of the activities you’ve avoided since the trauma.

I’m thoroughly trained and certified in all these and more. Please reach out to me so we can find the best approach that fits your unique needs.

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