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What to Expect from Couples Therapy.

Like many things that help our relationships, couples therapy has a habit of sounding appallingly unromantic, involving patience, grueling work and a host of embarrassing conversations about matters it would be much nicer never to have to think about – let alone discuss with a partner and a trained stranger. Our culture teaches us to trust and follow our feelings. But couples therapy knows this is to be a disaster, for our feelings are for the most part errant and encoded with primitive responses from a troubled past. So instead, it encourages a far wiser response: standing well back from our first impulses neutralizing them through understanding and where possible rerouting them in less self-punishing and more trusting directions. Couples Therapy can be a very helpful place to go when it feels very hard to get through to our partners, when we are arguing too much, or are feeling isolated and lonely within a couple. If you are interested to know more how couples therapy can improve your relationship and wondering if it might be helpful for you and your partner, watch this video from the School of Life and call me for a free phone consultation (210-452-3373).

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